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Make Your Bicycle Commute the Best

Posted on: Friday, November 4th, 2016

Riding a bicycle to work can save on gas while giving you exercise. By following a few tips, you can make your ride safe and enjoyable. Wear a helmet. They’re not just for kids. A lightweight helmet won’t interfere with your vision, and it can save you from a concussion if you take a fall. Dress for […]

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You Can Become an Advocate for Bicycle Safety

Posted on: Thursday, October 27th, 2016

If you ride a bike regularly, you’ve experienced the health benefits of biking. You’re healthier, and you enjoy the outdoors more often. And because you save on transportation costs, you have more money in your pocket, too! Like most experienced bikers, you value bicycle safety, but maybe you’ve realized that your community isn’t bike friendly. If […]

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What to Do When Even the Police Don’t Know Bicycle Laws

Posted on: Thursday, October 20th, 2016

We may tell ourselves that bicycle culture is growing each and every day, but the honest truth is that the majority of non-cyclists have literally no idea what to do when sharing the road with a bicycle, much less what cyclists are supposed to do. However, what happens when not even police officers are familiar […]

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Bicycle Accidents on the Rise In Chicago This Summer

Posted on: Friday, October 14th, 2016

Bicycling is on the rise, especially among twenty-somethings. Combine the benefits — great exercise, no fuel costs, maneuverability — and you’ve got a great way to get around. But along with the benefits, there are also plenty of risks such as low-visibility, failure to wear helmets, making risky maneuvers and taking unnecessary chances in the […]

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Are Your Bicycle Tires An Accident Waiting to Happen?

Posted on: Friday, October 7th, 2016

If you use your bicycle everyday to ferry yourself around town, your tires are enduring a lot of wear and tear. Even veteran cyclists fail to note the condition of their tires at times. However, a blowout of a bicycle tire can be just as dangerous as a blowout on a car tire, especially if […]

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Yet Again, Tragedy Proceeds Bicycle Law Reform

Posted on: Friday, September 30th, 2016

In Illinois, the state laws insist that cyclists have the same rights as automobile drivers. However, a fatality and a tossed traffic ticket proves how utterly wrong that is, but for long as Illinois joins other states prompted to sure up their cycling safety laws after a poorly handled bicycle accident. In October 2015, army veteran 68-year-old […]

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Cycling While Intoxicated – Is It Illegal?

Posted on: Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Say you have had a few rounds with your friends and it is time to go home. You know absolutely where you stand if you get behind the wheel of a car when you are above the legal limit, but what about your bike? Sure, watching drunk cyclists may be funny on YouTube, but it […]

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Harassment Forcing Women to Be Less Obedient of Cycling Laws

Posted on: Friday, September 9th, 2016

Philadelphia has an abundant population of cyclists, but it stands out from the pack by having one of the largest female cycling communities – about 32 percent compared to the national 24 percent average. Unfortunately, with a larger female cycling community comes a larger amount of incidents involving cat calls and harassment, and it is forcing […]

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New North Carolina Law Changes Rules of the Road for Both Cyclists and Drivers

Posted on: Friday, September 2nd, 2016

According to North Carolina’s Department of Transportation, around 19 cyclists are killed and more the 650 are injured per year in the state. However, in an effort to make the road safer for both cyclists and drivers, the state has set down some new safety laws and intends to roll out stricter punishments to enforce them. The […]

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How to Avoid Bicycle Accidents at Intersections

Posted on: Friday, August 26th, 2016

Most bicycle accidents involve only the person riding the bicycle.  In fact, according to, only 11% of bicycle accidents occur with an automobile.  Of these collisions, however, nearly half happen at an intersection, making these traffic areas particularly hazardous for people on bikes. Why are traffic intersections so dangerous for cyclists?   Cars may not come to […]

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